Name                         : …………………


Programme Code      : BTS


Course Code             : PTS-6 


Enrollment No           : …………………………


Regional Centre        : …………………


Study Centre Code   : ……………………………..


Title of the Project    : Web Technologies in Tourism   Development DTTDC








I hereby certify that the proposal for the project entitled “Web Technologies in Tourism   Development DTTDC by …………... has been prepared after due consultation with me. The proposal has my approval and has, to my knowledge, the potential of developing into a comprehensive Project work. I also agree to supervise the above mentioned Project till its completion.



(Signature of Supervisor)








Technology is becoming embedded in all sorts of products and services. It has become a part of our lives. In the field of information, the technology has revolutionized the way the services are provided to the consumers of various services. Different information technologies have now offered many opportunities for improving the delivery of different services. Rapid technological advances over the last decade have revolutionized the various information systems making functioning of these extremely easy, not only to the advantage of the industry, but for actual consumers of goods and services.

Arthur C, Clarke, world renowned space scientist, addressing the first meeting of the inter-governmental Council of the International programme for the development of communication in Paris in the year 1981, said, "In many ways and for many purposes, printed matter - books, newspapers and wallpapers will always .be the best and the cheapest form of communication. But now electronics has given us tools that can perform miracles impossible to the printed word and which, of course, can reach millions who are unable to read. The newest and most powerful of these communication devices depend upon space technology, a fact that is not generally recognized". What Arthur C. Clarke had said almost two decades ago may seem to be history as so much has been done in so little a time that one really wonders about the various changes that have taken place since then. In fact, there has been a revolution in the various techniques in the field of information. The electronic gadgets have performed miracles in the last two decades, Today we find ourselves in the middle of a new era, an era of information revolution.

 Modern techniques of data processing, mainly transmission of data and telecommunication, have already formed a new field of activity, characterized by an enormous potential for growth. These developments have greatly facilitated rational management of the business world. Telecommunication devices are in use today in almost all fields of economy. Be it in industry, agriculture, medicine, travel or any other field, these telecommunication devices are extensively used for the benefit of both the industry as well as the consumer.

PTS-6 IGNOU PROJECT & SYNOPSIS -Web Technologies in Tourism Development DTTDC


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