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Marketing of tourism for an area is essential to inform prospective tourists about what the area has to offer and to persuade them to visit it. Market planning needs to be understood as part

of the overall tourism planning process, and as it relates to development of the tourism product.

Marketing involves several activities — establishing the marketing objectives; formulating the marketing strategy; preparing and implementing the promotion programme; and providing tourist information services. Market planning can be done for both international and domestic tourists or a combination of these.

Today tourism industry is highly competitive in the run to attract potential tourists.

Arunachal Pradesh is composed of so many diverse attractions that it calls for identification of  strategic circuits for which effective marketing strategies are required to be worked out for promotion of tourism. The product portfolio offered for promotion of Arunachal Pradesh has been conceived over 8 (eight) broad categories of tourism typologies viz.(i) Cultural Tourism, (ii) Nature / Ecotourism, (iii) Rural Tourism, (iv) Adventure Tourism, (v) Wildlife and Forest Tourism, (vi) Leisure Tourism, (vii) Special Interest Tourism (viii) Wellness Tourism.

The tribal economy all over the world was generally characterized by its primitiveness, where market was virtually absent and money played a trivial role. People produced their every need on their own. They neither produced any marketable surplus nor did they purchase anything from the market. The mode of production was mainly agrarian based, apart from which they practiced hunting, gathering, fishing, weaving, etc. A sort of stagnant but self-sufficient and selfreliant economy has been persisting since time immemorial. The colonial administration to some extent, had given some developmental touch to these societies mainly for the convenience of intra and inter-territorial expansion activities; rather the true history of development of these societies has started from the time of independence for the individual societies or for the state as a whole. And the task of development in these societies was carried out mainly on the basis of huge capital investment without estimating any result. Because of chief money flow as injected into the societies, the mode of production has also changed drastically followed by the consumption pattern. The standard of living has risen apparently, however, the developmental task has become complicated and it becomes more knotty when the market in these societies gets the globalization waves.

PTS-6 IGNOU PROJECT & SYNOPSIS -Tourism Marketing Case study of ArunachalPradesh


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