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Name                                     : …………………


Programme Code               : BTS


Course Code                                    : PTS-6         


Enrollment No                     : …………………


Regional Centre                  : …………………..


Study Centre Code             : ………………….


Title of the Project             : Railway Tourism in India









I hereby certify that the proposal for the project entitled “Railway Tourism in India” by ………………. has been prepared after due consultation with me. The proposal has my approval and has, to my knowledge, the potential of developing into a comprehensive Project work. I also agree to supervise the above mentioned Project till its completion.



(Signature of Supervisor)





























India has the largest network of railways in the world. It is one of the most convenient and popular modes of transport for travelling in India. Indian railways offer you a lot of options when you choose to explore India by train. There is the most exclusive and Royal - 'Palace on Wheels', which takes you into the world of royal life. Then there are fast and comfortable Rajdhani’s and Shatabdi’s. Besides, there are hundreds of trains available which covers almost whole of India. India offers an exclusive opportunity to see and explore India with Indian Railways, which is the most enduring symbol of British Raj. India is spell bounding, exotic, and full of oriental charms.

"The best way to see India is through the Indian Railways", is an oft repeated advice and very rightly so because a trip across the country on a train can bring you in contact with India in its mesmerizing diversity. From the windows of a train one is served a varied platter of changing topography to changing crops, vegetation, people and their ways of life. It is like the lilting but ever changing rhythm of a song well composed and yet incorporating varied essences and influences. Something like the music of Rehman, one of India's most celebrated musician of modern times, who has just stepped on to the world stage.

The story of the Indian Railways (IR) is not just a saga of mundane statistics and miles of rolling stock. It is the glorious tale of a pioneering institution that has blazed a trail for nearly a century and a half, making inroads into far-flung territory and providing a means of communication.

Indian Railway is one of India's most effective networks that keep together the social, economical, political and cultural fabric of the country intact.

PTS-6 IGNOU PROJECT & SYNOPSIS -Railway Tourism in India

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