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Title of the Project        : surveying the visitor behavior    

                                          in Delhi in regards to local













I hereby certify that the proposal for the project entitled “SURVEYING THE VISITOR BEHAVIOUR IN DELHI IN REGARDS TO LOCAL ENVIRONMENT” by ……………………….. has been prepared after due consultation with me. The proposal has my approval and has, to my knowledge, the potential of developing into a comprehensive Project work. I also agree to supervise the above mentioned Project till its completion.



(Signature of Supervisor)








In Delhi today pollution is one of the most critical problems facing the public and concerned authorities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Delhi is the fourth most polluted city in the world in terms of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM). The growing pollution is responsible for increasing health problems. the deteriorating environment is the result of population pressure and haphazard growth. Industrial development has been haphazard and unplanned. Only about 2-% of the industrial units are in approved industrial areas; the remainder is spread over the city in residential and commercial area Road transport is the sole mode of public transport; there has been a phenomenal increase in the vehicle population, which was increased to a very high level.

Rise in population and growth in economic activity has led to increase in pollution in Delhi. After Independence, the city became a major centre of commerce, industry and education. The growth of government departments and office complexes has also contributed to the spread of the city. Civic amenities have not kept pace. Unabated in-migration has compounded the problem. Land use regulations have been flouted. The green cover has dwindled.

The rapid growth of Delhi in recent times has resulted in significant increase in environmental pollution. It is widely perceived that the problem is threatening to get out of hand. Hence, effective and co-ordinated measures for controlling pollution need to be put in place without delay. In view of the seriousness of the issue, the Minister of Environment and Forests decided to have a series of interactive meetings with concerned government agencies, NGOs, experts and citizens, with the objective of defining a plan of action to combat the problem.  For controlling pollution in Delhi, the Ministry of Environment and Forests has now prepared an Action Plan. This is the result of a series of interactions and meetings which the Minister of Environment and Forests had with concerned agencies and informed citizens. Also included in the plan are the existing projects for pollution abatement. The plan stipulates the implementation of a time bound programme entailing a coordinated inter-departmental strategy.

PTS-5 IGNOU PROJECT & SYNOPSIS -Delhi in regards to local environment


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