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Name                         :      ……………….

Programme Code      :      BTS


Course Code             :      PTS – 4


Enrollment No           :      …………


Regional Centre        :      ……….


Study Centre Code   :      ………………….


Title of the Project    :     Monuments of Kerala












  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Methodology
  • History of kerala
  • Medieval monuments of  Kerala
  • Historical modern monuments
  • Urbanisation impact on historical monuments
  • Conservation of cultural heritage sites
  • Tourist flow Modern Kerala
  • Conclusion
  • References







Kerala culture tour is conceived by Johnson Gilbert, who has over 10 years experience in Tourism and Event management experience. It is formulated by him for the travellers who are keen to vacation in Kerala and who also want to experience the culture of the Kerala way of life. Through countless conversations with tourists who frequent his guesthouse since the early 90’s Johnson realized that there‘s a growing demand among travellers to get off the beaten path, and off the tourist trail. They are looking to get more out of their holiday than just ticking off tourist landmarks and taking photographs for their India scrapbook. And so, the tour he designed is more people to people oriented, more eco conscious and more responsible. Unlike Varkala or Kovalam, (where you see more foreign tourists than locals), Johnson would rather you visit his Secret beach. At the Secret beach, there's a beautiful sugar white sandy beach, but no other tourists, no beach front restaurants, no touts, etc. But here you will encounter local fishermen going about their trade. And say hello to a couple of dolphins, if you're lucky.

Now, the normal hill stations that tourists flock to are Periyar in Kumily Thekkady, or to Munnar. While both were once beautiful , the influx of tourists, both domestic and International has lessened it’s appeal. There’s hardly any wildlife left in Periyar wildlife reserve. What’s left of the tigers, elephants, etc. (after poaching, sadly) has retreated deep into the forests – away from clicking, interfering tourists. In Munnar, perhaps there are more hotels and resorts than tea plantations now. Johnson recommends Wayanad, the least populated of all of Kerala’s districts, where there's two wildlife sanctuaries. A nature lovers paradise where elephants, bison, spotted deer, monkeys, peacocks, do not just reside in the forests, but overflow across the forest boundaries on to the roads. Here, there are tribal hamlets still in the forests. Its a place where you can trek across valleys, climb into underground caves, picnic at waterfalls, and experience nature at it’s virgin best. It’s also the place for Theyyam, Kerala’ premiere theatre art form practiced only at temples during it’s season in February, March.

So while you're observing backwater village life off Johnson’s houseboat or relaxing in the soul fulfilling silence of the Artist’s abode at Vagamon, the Kerala Culture Tour aims to expose travellers to

The arts, customs & lifestyles of the average Kerallite.
Taste authentic Kerala cuisine at all the venues where you're hosted during the tour.
See places that are not just scenic and beautiful, but is also meaningful, and less crowded adding more value to your holiday.


Kerala is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in India. People from around the world are attracted towards the beauty of Kerala. Kerala has got many things to offer to the tourists. The scenic beauty, beaches, wildlife, waterfalls, hill stations, amusement parks, etc are some of the favorite tourist hangouts. Several measures are taken by the Government in order to promote tourism in our state. Kerala tourism as an industry is gaining much importance. As part of tourism promotions, beautification of the city, providing excellent quality of accommodation, food etc is given much importance. With increase in the number of tourists, several new steps are taken for enhancing the facilities provided at present. Government has taken measures for completing the half done tourism projects as well as starting some new projects.


PTS-4 IGNOU PROJECT & SAYNOPICS -Monuments of Kerala

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