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Programme Code      : BTS


Course Code              : PTS-4


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Title of the Project    : An in-depth study of Indian          

                                      cave Paintings









I hereby certify that the proposal for the project entitled An in-depth study of Indian cave Paintings by …………………. has been prepared after due consultation with me. The proposal has my approval and has, to my knowledge, the potential of developing into a comprehensive Project work. I also agree to supervise the above mentioned Project till its completion.



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Indian painting has a very long tradition and history in Indian art. The earliest Indian paintings were the rock paintings of pre-historic times, the petroglyphs as found in places like Bhimbetka, some of them from before 5500 BC. India's Buddhist literature is replete with examples of texts which describe palaces of kings and the aristocratic class embellished with paintings, but the paintings of the Ajanta Caves are the most significant of the few survivals. Smaller scale painting in manuscripts was probably also practised in this period, though the earliest survivals are from the medieval period. Mughal painting represented a fusion of the Persian miniature with older Indian traditions, and from the 17th century its style was diffused across Indian princely courts of all religions, each developing a local style. Company paintings were made for British clients under the British raj, which from the 19th century also introduced art schools along Western lines, leading to modern Indian painting, which is increasingly returning to its Indian routes.

Indian paintings provide an aesthetic continuum that extends from the early civilization to the present day. From being essentially religious in purpose in the beginning, Indian painting has evolved over the years to become a fusion of various cultures and traditions.

The art of painting has been a medium of both, expression and communication from the earliest known period of history. The art of painting progressed gradually and it reached its zenith during the Satavahana period (2nd – 1st B.C.) and also the Gupta- Vakataka period (5th- 6th A.D.) Indian paintings are one of the oldest art forms throughout history. Indian paintings are a mode of expression, which depict social movements, spiritual beliefs and general life. Indian Paintings can be broadly categorized as the mural paintings and miniatures paintings. Mural paintings refer to paintings on walls, ceilings or other large permanent surfaces. The paintings in the Ajanta Caves and the Kailashnath temple are the fine examples of the Indian mural paintings. The history of Indian mural paintings started in ancient and early medieval times, from 2nd century BC to 8th - 10th century AD. There are known more than 20 locations around India containing mural paintings from this period. Mural paintings from this period depict mainly religious themes of various religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. Miniature paintings are executed on a very small scale on perishable material such as paper and cloth. They are beautiful handmade paintings, which are quite colorful but small in size. Miniature paintings are one of the many things that make an Indian proud of his country's rich cultural heritage. Miniature paintings originated long back in the history of India. Miniatures paintings, as the name signifies, are an intricate, colorful paintings, small in size, executed meticulously with delicate brushwork. The colors used in miniatures are generally derived from natural sources and materials. The art of miniature painting reached its glory during the Mughal period. The tradition of miniature paintings was carried forward by the painters of different Rajasthani schools of painting like the Bundi, Kishangarh, Jaipur, Marwar and Mewar. The Ragamala paintings also belong to this school.

PTS-4 IGNOU PROJECT & SAYNOPICS -An in-depth study of Indian cave Paintings

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