Indira Gandhi National Open University Elective Course in M.A. Sociology MSOE-001: Sociology of Education Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) Maximum Marks: 100 Programme Code: MSO Weightage: 30% Course Code: MSOE-001 Assignment Code: MSOE-001/AST/TMA/2017-18 Answer five questions worth 100 marks from Sections 1 and 2. Attempt at least two questions from each section. SECTION - I Answer at least two questions in about 500 words each from this section. Marks 1 Does education reflect political interests of the ruling regime? Critically discuss. 20 2 Discuss Pierre Bourdieu’s perspective on education with special reference to social capital. 20 3 In what way does education contribute to social change? Discuss. 20 4 Compare the functionalist and conflict approaches to the study of education. 20 5 Does education lead to empowerment of the marginalized? Discuss. 20 SECTION - II Answer at least two questions in about 500 words each from this section. 6 Critically examine state initiatives(s) towards achieving the goal of ‘education for all’. 20 7 Discuss the contribution of private sector in expansion of professional education. 20 8 What do you understand by ‘commodification of education’? Critically discuss the social implications of commodification of education. 20 9 Discuss the major challenges in higher education in India. 20 10 What are the main objectives of ‘open and distance education’. Explain the role of technology in achieving them.


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