Indira Gandhi National Open University Core Course in M.A. Sociology MSO-004: Sociology in India Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) Maximum Marks: 100 Programme Code: MSO Weightage: 30% Course Code: MSO-004 Assignment Code: MSO-004/AST/TMA/2017-18 Note: Answers any five questions in about 500 words each. Attempt at least two questions from each section. All questions carry equal marks. SECTION – I 1. Discuss with examples the three major approaches to understand Indian society. 20 2. Did suitable conditions exist during the colonial rule in India which could promote the emergence of sociology? Discuss. 20 3. Discuss the social structure of Indian village in terms of caste, class and gender. 20 4. Why did the village studies become popular during the 1950s and 1960s in India? Discuss. 20 5. Describe rules of marriages amongst some of the communities in India. 20 SECTION - II 6. Discuss the relationship between tribe and caste in India with suitable examples. 20 7. Critically discuss the linkages between religion and politics in India. 20 8. What is secularism? Is it different from secularisation? Discuss. 20 9. Discuss the impact of urbanisation on social institutions like family, kinship and marriage in India. 20 10. Discuss the changing facts of peasant movement in India. 20


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