Indira Gandhi National Open University Core Course in M.A. Sociology MSO-001: Sociological Theories and Concepts Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) Maximum Marks: 100 Programme Code: MSO Weightage: 30% Course Code: MSO-001 Assignment Code: MSO-001/AST/TMA/2017-18 Note: Answer five questions by selecting at least two questions from each Section. Your answer should be in about 500 words each. SECTION - I 1. Delineate the role of Concept and Theory in sociological analysis. 20 2. What is power? Discuss the instruments of power. 20 3. Discuss Malinowski’s Scientific Theory of Culture. 20 4. Explain the perspective of Evans-Pritchard on social structure. 20 5. What is entrepreneurship? Explain the perspective of Schumpeter on entrepreneurship. 20 SECTION - II 6. Discuss the roles and functions of civil society in a democracy. 20 7. Distinguish between modernization and modernity. 20 8. Discuss Karl Marx’s perspective on class. 20 9. Discuss the elements of caste in gender stratification. 20 10. What is post-structuralism? Examine Derrida’s theory of ‘deconstruction’.


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