COMPARATIVE POLITICS: ISSUES AND TRENDS (MPS-004) TUTOR MARKED ASSIGNMENT Course Code: MPS-004 Assignment Code: Asst/TMA/2017-18 Marks: 100 Answer five questions in all, selecting at least two questions from each section. Each question is to be answered in about 500 words. Each question carries 20 marks. SECTION- I 1. Critically examine the various strategies adopted by states in dealing with the challenges of ethno-nationalism. 2. The history of political thought is in reality the history of state-civil society relationship. Discuss with reference to the evolution of thought in modern times. 3. Briefly describe the liberal humanitarian approach to nationalism. 4. Examine the position of the countries of the North and South on biodiversity and climate change. 5. The poor continue to suffer under the process of globalisation and privatisation. Comment. SECTION- II Write a short note on each part of the question in about 250 words. 6. a) Relationship between state and class in Marxist thought b) General Systems theory of David Easton 7. a) Limitations of the Structural Functional Approach b) Classical Pluralist and Neo-Pluralist perspectives of the state 8. a) Characteristics of bureaucracy in developing societies b) Distinction between authoritarian and totalitarian regimes 9. a) Impact of MNCs on state sovereignty b) Constitutionalism 10. a) State building and nation building b) Socialist perspective on Human Rights


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