HUMAN SECURITY (MGPE-011) TUTOR MARKED ASSIGNMENT Course Code: MGPE-011 Assignment Code: MGPE-011/ASST/TMA/2017-18 Marks: 100 Answer five questions in all, selecting at least two questions from each section. Each question is to be answered in about 500 words. Each question carries 20 marks. SECTION-I 1. Trace the evolution and meaning of the concept of Human Security and bring out its significance for the welfare of the disadvantaged sections of society. 2. Discuss Dr. Mahabub-ul-Haq’s .contribution to the concept of human development and human security. 3. Explain the following in about 250 words each: a. Gandhian vision of Human Security b. Gender, Development and Human Security 4. Examine the various features of rural unorganised labour. Suggest some measures that can improve its lot. 5. Discuss the marginalisation of women in India. Identify the measures for their empowerment. SECTION-II Write a short note on each part of the question in about 250 words: 6. a) Concept of non-state violence b) State-violence in South Asia 7. a) Relationship between development and global warming b) Food security and global concerns 8. a) Approach to peace and international cooperation b) New global order 9. a) Human security and Development b) Human security in South Asia 10. a) Human security and poverty eradication b) Human security in India


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