MASTER’S DEGREE IN ENGLISH (MEG-14) ASSIGNMENT Course Code: MEG-14 Assignment Code: MEG-14/TMA/2017-18 Max. Marks: 100 Answer any five questions: All questions carry equal marks. 1. Discuss the work of any of the women writers that you have read as part of this course. 20 2. In what way do certain writers portray the cruelty of society and relationships? Give examples. 20 3. Would you say that biographies are a reliable account of an individual and the society to which s/he belongs? Illustrate. 20 4. How does travel writing educate the reader in terms of culture and society? Elaborate with examples. 20 5. Discuss the main character of any short story in your course. 20 6. Attempt a critical appreciation of any poem in your course that you found inspiring. 20 7. Do you think that literature gives voice to the oppressed and silenced? Elaborate. 20 8. Do you think translation is the most effective means of accessing various writings both in India and abroad? Give reasons.



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