A SURVEY COURSE IN 20TH CENTURY CANADIAN LITERATURE—MEG-12 Programme: MEG Assignment Code: MEG-12/TMA/2017-18 Max. Marks: 100 Attempt all TEN questions and answer each question in approximately 500 words. 1. What was the general Canadian attitude to ‘Nature’ in the early years of Canada’s existence as a nation? 10 1. Write a detailed note on the different stages of Canadian history from the First settlers to the present age. 10 2. Write a note on Atwood and Ondaatje’s contribution to Canadian Poetry. 10 4. Surfacing can be divided into three main sections. Provide a critical summary of all three. 10 5. Write a note on the Urban-Social Realism that forms the technique in The Tin Flute. 10 6. Critically analyse The English Patient as a modernist novel. 10 7. What is the main theme of the story ‘Swimming Lessons’? 10 8. Attempt a critical analysis of the story ‘A Mother in India.’ 10 9. Attempt a character analysis of Rita Joe to show how her life represents the general apathy of urban White society towards Native Indian Canadians-who are now referred to as the First People. 10 10. Write a note on Arnold Itwaru and Arun Mukherjee as ‘oppositional critics’ of Canada.



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