MASTER’S DEGREE IN ENGLISH (MEG-09) ASSIGNMENT Course Code: MEG-09 Assignment Code: MEG-09/TMA/2017-18 Max. Marks: 100 Answer any five questions: All questions carry equal marks. 1. Why do you think Australia is known as a multi-cultural society? (20) 2. What are the major themes of women’s writing in Australia? Discuss with examples. (20) 3. Why are European influences to be seen in major Australian writers? (20) 4. Discuss the concept of ‘mateship’ with reference to the writers you have read. (20) 5. What do you understand by the term ‘aborigine’? How is their point of view represented in Australian literature? (20) 6. In what ways did early Australian writers try to come to terms with their environment? (20) 7. What part does the Bush play in the creative imagination? (20) 8. What aspects of Australian society are represented in works that you have read? (



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