NEW LITERATURES IN ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT FOR MEG –08 July 2017 and January 2018 Session Programme: MEG Assignment Code: MEG-08/TMA/2017-18 Max Marks : 100 Attempt all the ten questions and answer each question in approximately 500 words. 1. Attempt a postcolonial analysis of South Asian literatures written in English. 10 2. Attempt a critical summary of the novel A Grain of Wheat. 10 3. Write a detailed note on Soyinka’s political activism. 10 4. Analyse the novel Ice-Candy Man from a postcolonial perspective. 10 5. Analyse A House for Mr. Biswas as a diasporic allegory. 10 6. “The Spoiler’s Return” by Walcott talks about the corruption in Trinidadian society. Examine the poem and critically analyse it. 10 7. Attempt a critical analysis of the poem “Stone” by Brathwaite. 10 8. Attempt character sketches of both Waldo and Arthur and show how they are not ordinary twins, but also a device for dramatizing the antithetical self. 10 9. Do you think that The Stone Angel is an appropriate title for Laurence’s novel? Give reasons for your answer. 10 10. Analyse the term ‘New Literature in English’ as a possible advance on ‘Commonwealth Literature’.



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