SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES (MED-002) TUTOR MARKED ASSIGNMENT Course Code: MED-002 Assignment Code: Asst/TMA/2017-18 Marks: 100 Answer any five questions in about 500 words each. Attempt at least two questions from each section. Each question carries 20 marks. SECTION –I 1. Discuss the approaches to the study of Sustainable Development. 2. Explain the major challenges confronting Sustainable Development. 3. Examine the various parameters to be considered for assessing Sustainable Development. 4. Examine the main factors for unsustainable industrialisation and its impact on environment and sustainable development. 5. Explain the following in your own words: a) Concept of Sustainable Development. b) Indicators of inequitable growth. SECTION-II Write a short note on each part of the question in about 250 words: 6. a) Desertification and droughts. b) Constitutional provisions for environmental protection. 7. a) Regional initiatives for environmental protection. b) International initiatives for environmental protection. 8. a) Civil security initiative for sustainable development. b) Poverty and Sustainable Development. 9. a) Information and Communication Technology. b) NGOs and sustainable development. 10. a) Regional cooperation for environment and sustainable development. b) Traditional and indigenous technologies for sustainable development


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