TUTOR MARKED ASSIGNMENT Course Code : IBO – 03 Course Title : India’s Foreign Trade Assignment Code : IBO – 03/TMA/2017-18 Coverage : All Blocks Maximum Marks: 100 Attempt all the questions. 1. Explain the concept of balance of payments. How is it classified? Describe salient features of India’s balance of payments. (2+3+15) 2. Discuss briefly various initiatives outlined in the Annual supplement 2005 to the Foreign Trade Policy, 2004-09. (20) 3. “Garments have emerged as the star-performer in the Indian textile export scenario”. Justify the statement by giving data of the last 10 years. Also discuss various factors responsible for the export growth in this sector. (10+10) 4. Describe various sectors of chemical industry. What are India’s competitive advantages & disadvantages in the export of chemical goods? (10+10) 5. Write short notes on the following: (a) Issues in world Trade (b) Inflow of FDI in India (c) India’s export of services (d) India’s CIS trade relations


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