INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (EPS-07) Tutor Marked Assignment Course Code: EPS-07 Assignment Code: Asst./TMA/2017-18 Total Marks: 100 Answer all questions in each category. Try to write the answers in your own words. A) DCQ: Answer in about 600 words each. 1. Examine the meaning and changing nature of International Relations. OR Describe the major proposals on the restructuring and reforming of the United N0 Nations. 20 2. Trace the evolution of the contemporary sovereign nation-state system. OR Discuss the nature of Bolshevik revolution and its impact on International Relations. 20 B) MCQ: Answer in about 300 words each. 3. Examine the emergence and functioning of the Non-aligned movement. OR Write a note on the Anti-Apartheid movement in Africa. 12 4. Describe the features and functions of institutions that govern the global economy. OR Describe the distinct features of the state in the Third World. 12 5. Examine the factors which contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union. OR Explain the nuclear arms race in the post-war period and its impact on International Relations. 12 6. Write a note on the principle of self-determination. OR Explain the importance of the Paris Peace Conference. 12 C) SCQ: Write short note on the following in about 100 words each. 7. Ethno Nationalism. OR Features of Cold War . 6 8. Right to Development. OR UN Declaration of Human Rights


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