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Title of the Project     : Role Of Nutrition Education In

                             Improving The Nutritional Awareness

                                              Among Adolescent Girls










I hereby certify that the proposal for the project entitled “Early Role Of Nutrition Education In Improving The Nutritional Awareness Among Adolescent Girls” by ……………………… has been prepared after due consultation with me. The proposal has my approval and has, to my knowledge, the potential of developing into a comprehensive Project work. I also agree to supervise the above mentioned Project till its completion.



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Role Of Nutrition Education In Improving The Nutritional Awareness Among Adolescent Girls



Adolescence is a period of rapid physical growth calling for adequate nutrient intake to meet body growth requirement. It is also a period of emotional and psychological changes during which there is a tendency to reject conventional dietary habits. Adolescent nutritional problem are common throughout the country. They have to encounter a series of serious nutritional challenges not only affecting their growth and development but also their livelihood as adults. Yet adolescents remain a largely neglected and hard to reach population especially girls. Thus it is not surprising that adolescent girl population who are “mother to be” is if considers as the most important section on which the future of nation depends.(Measham,A.R.,2000 and Rao,S.,1996) The poor nutritional status of girls has important implication in terms of physical work capacity and adverse reproductive outcome.(WHO 1998) Realizing the adversity of the problem several recommendations were made by WHO in order to bring down the nutrition related problems of adolescent population and one of these emphasizes, “Mass information and awareness programmes are needed to alert government and communities about the importance of health and nutrition.” (





  • to assess the nutritional awareness of school going adolescent girls (13-16 years) of rural area of district kurukshetra.
  • to develop a suitable questionnaire for the study.
  • to educate the adolescent girls about sources of nutrients and balanced diet .
  • to adjudge the impact of nutrition education on nutritional awareness of the selected adolescent girls.


Material And Methods

1. Sampling and Design of study: This study was conducted on a representative group of 50 adolescent girls of age range 13-16 years. The samples were selected by random sampling technique in rural areas of Kurukshetra.

2. Tool for the study: - A KABP (knowledge, attitude, belief and practices) questionnaire was created considering the important aspect of nutrition.

The schedule was pretested on seven subjects i.e. a kind of miniature study in itself. It was conducted to find out its drawbacks. On the basis of outcome of the pre-testing results, it was modified to obtain the final questionnaire.

DNHE-4 PROJECT & SYNOPSIS Nutrition Education In Improving The Nutritional


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