GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY (BPC-001) TUTOR MARKED ASSIGNMENT (TMA) Course Code: BPC-001 Assignment Code: BPC-001/ASST/TMA/2017-18 Marks: 100 NOTE: All questions are compulsory SECTION-A Answer the following question in about 1000 words each. 15x3=45 Marks 1. Discuss the modern perspectives of Psychology. 2. Discuss the various factors in attitude formation and change. 3. Elucidate the important features of classical learning and observational learning. SECTION-B Answer the following questions in about 400 words each. 5 x 5= 25 Marks 4. Define psychology. Discuss the various principles of critical thinking as proposed by Rathus. 5. Explain various biases in attribution. 6. Elucidate Gestalt principles of perceptual organization. 7. Discuss the evolutionary perspective of development. 8. Define intelligence. Discuss the significance of heredity and environment in our behavior. SECTION-C Answer the following questions in about 50 words each. 10 x 3= 30 Marks 9. Community psychology 10. Psychoanalysis 11. Theory of Planned Behaviour 12. Coercive Power 13. Bogardus Social Distance Scale 14. Fechner’s Law 15. Phantom Limb Pain 16. Sensory Register 17. Object permanency 18. Cognitive inhibition


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