Assignment – EEG-02/BEGE-102 The Structure of Modern English Assignment Code: EEG-02/BEGE-102/ TMA/2017-18 Max. Marks: 100 Answer all the questions. 1a Write brief notes on two of the following: 10 i Semantically negative sentences ii The importance of Intonation iii Inflectional affixes iv Diphthongs in English 1b Identify free and bound morphemes in the following words: 5 logical, infamous, approachable, unfortunate, attached 1c Transcribe the following words using phonetic symbols: 5 grind, enough, retain, that, dinner 2a Identify the number of syllables in the following words: 5 balcony, happy, laboratory, dissatisfy, between 2b Mark the stress syllables in the above words. 5 2c Write a short note on compounds in English, giving examples. 10 3a Write short notes on any two of the following, giving examples: 10 i tense and aspect ii inflectional paradigm of an adverb iii regular and irregular verbs 3b What is the sentence pattern of each of the following sentences: 10 i Ashima ran fast. ii The boy fell down. iii Alka felt lonely. iv Aditya believed the girl. v Meghna sent her mother a letter. vi Pooja is a pretty girl. vii Maanik is standing outside. viii The teacher scolded the students. ix They are crazy. x The children sang well. 4 4a What is the difference between simple, compound and complex sentences? Identify each of the following sentences as simple, compound or complex. 5+10 i He told me that he would be going to Mumbai next week. ii She is very beautiful. iii I like rasgullas and my sister likes gulabjamuns. iv The girl whom you met last week came here looking for you. v I am going to the market. vi She will go to the party only if her father will drop her. vii I think that you are right. viii Finish your homework and put the notebooks back in your bag. ix Madhu dreamt that she was flying an aeroplane. x Either you sit properly or you leave the room. 4b Convert the following pairs of sentences into structures with a relative clause 5 i The sun is more than 90 million miles away. It supports life on the earth. ii The stars shine like glow-worms in the sky. Actually they are tremendously large masses of burning material in a gaseous state. iii A cheetah escaped from the zoo yesterday. It was caught this morning. iv I went to a party yesterday. I met some very charming women. v People should not throw stones. They live in glass houses. 5a Write a short note on question formation in English, giving examples where necessary. 10 5b Complete the following, adding clauses as indicated. 10 i My wife, …………….needs some rest. (adjective clause) ii You could have got your promotion by now, ……………. (adverb clause of condition) iii I know …………….. (noun clause) iv ……………., they cancelled the concert. (adverb clause of reason) v ……………. depends on the author. (noun clause) vi The fountain pen …………….leaks badly. (adjective clause) vii They went …………….. (adverb clause of place) viii ……………., there will be no trains tomorrow. (adverb clause of condition) ix I left early …………….. (adverb clause of purpose) x They hated him……………. . (adverb clause of reason)


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